Murphy the short-haired Pointer has a full-time job and a hobby

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Dog or Doll?

It’s pouring with rain in Naples.  This little poodle, wearing his smart raincoat, sleeps in his owner’s arms as they shelter from the rain.

This is one of the photos in my display ‘A Love Letter to Naples’ at PhotoMenton this year – open every day till next Sunday at the Palais de l’Europe, Menton.

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Shih Tzu Care Tips

Shih tzu’s are good-natured and easy to train, making them great family pets. But caring for a Shih tzu can be time consuming because they require a lot of grooming.

A major part of Shih tzu care is proper grooming which will begin as soon as you bring your new dog home. Their thick, double-coated hair can be grown long, …
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Sassy Pants

Yesterday I set out to try and get pictures of Lacey being sassy.  It isn’t as easy as it sounds.  I have to be 100% engaged with her or it instantly stops – which means I’m shooting with the camera held down near my knees while I’m flailing a big blue ball around with the other hand. I’m also having to keep Coulee entertained at the same time or she turns into a barking, jealous fiend.

But I occasionally fluked out. I wasn’t quite able to capture her cute little run though.. so I’ll have to try again.

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Consumer Search Names Best Reviewed Canned Cat Food for 2017

Top Rated Wet Cat FoodWe’re thrilled that Consumer Search named Halo best reviewed canned cat food.

Editor’s note states, “For value and quality, Halo cat food is top rated…” They gave it high marks for being grain-free, having high-quality ingredients and lacking artificial preservatives.

Halo has always used only WHOLE meat and never any “meat meal,” which hasn’t just made Halo a highly digestible pet food, but a delicious one that cats and dogs love. WHOLE meat is more digestible, more bioavailable, and more delicious!

In their analysis, they like that, “Halo Spot’s Stew packs high-quality meats and veggies into a stew that looks like people food. The company has a spotless safety record and use no questionable ingredients or fillers. The cans are BPA free, too.”

Thank you Consumer Search for reviewing our product and for naming us one of the best cat foods for the third year in a row.

Halo Pets

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